His Life Was Unfortunate ~ Peculiar Abandoned Manor Lost in Portugal!

This is the narrative of Carlos Pinto, a man who seemed to have it all and whose life was almost entirely predetermined for him.

His story is told here. After earning his degree in cinematography from the university, Carlos spent many years working in the United States on a wide variety of critically acclaimed films. During that period, he also met his future wife, Linda, and together, the two of them made the decision to go to Portugal, which was originally his home country.

They uprooted their lives and moved into Carlos’s opulent childhood home, which he had inherited from his parents. It was here that the couple’s two stunning children, Jori and Helga, were born. In spite of the fact that everything appeared to be going swimmingly for them, his wife was becoming more and more dissatisfied with their life in Portugal, and as a result, she made the decision to relocate back to the United States.

Due to the fact that their son Jori suffered from respiratory issues, they came to the conclusion that it would be best for him to remain in Portugal with Carlos. Meanwhile, Helga relocated to the United States to be with her mother. Jori’s health deteriorated rapidly over the course of his life, culminating in his untimely death at a relatively early age.

The cumulative effect of all of this was very detrimental to Carlos’ mental and physical health. This condition progressively got worse over the years, and he only lived until the age of 57 before he finally passed away and left planet earth behind for good…

Even though the building had been deserted for more than 15 years, the strange house gave us the impression that somebody was still living there. It was eerie, as if somebody could come walking inside right at that moment. Even though the house had been abandoned for more than 15 years, we got the feeling that somebody was still living there.

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